2019: ”VP Yemi Osinbajo’s position threatened” – President Buhari

President Buhari today jokingly said the position of Vice President Yemu Osinbajo is threatened. The president said this when he received a delegation of the Conference of Nigerian Female Parliamentarians at the state house today May 25th.

The delegation had asked President Buhari if their was a possiblilty for a Female Vice President of the country. Responding to their request, President Buhari said

“It is a pity the VP is not here, but I believe the Secretary to the Government of the Federation will brief him that his position is threatened . It is only the vice president who is threatened. And if we win the next election, he may lose his election.” he said
President Buhari is seeking reelection next year but it is not yet officially confirmed whether he will run with his deputy.