Apostle Suleman Says You Will Reap What You Sow No Matter How Much Money You Give A Pastor

The Restoration Apostle Professor Johnson Suleman On the marking of the 15th Anniversary of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide on Sunday 10th February 2019 declared that “what you sow you will surely reap no matter how much money you give to a Pastor”

He declared in his teaching that anything you do for, with or against people there is always a repercussion, no matter how much you give to a pastor…

Explaining, he said ‘if you kill and you give a pastor 10 billion naira, God will still punish you, it will not cover or protect you”.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman known also for speaking against Internet fraudsters said that ”garri that is blessed is better than a cursed fried rice, a Toyota Corolla 1999 model that is blessed is better than a Rolls Royce 2018 model that is cursed, Internet fraud is a wrong seed that you will reap.
It is better to be slow and sure than to fast and fall”.

He also said that when you offend people ,you should apologise and beg for forgiveness, ”don’t stay at a distance and say I have asked God for forgiveness. You offended a man and you are asking God for forgiveness”
There is always a law that will catch up with you.

His message was Titled “discover To recover”

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