Man Kills Wife For Denying Him Sex in Niger State

The Niger state Police Command has arrested a father of five Muhammed Manu from New Bussa in Niger state for killing his wife whom he said allegedly starved him of sex on a daily basis.

According to the 35 year old husband from Barusa Village in New Bussa Local Government Area, his wife, Hassana Bulo, was fond of giving excuses each time he approaches her for s#x adding that she had no right to deny him his fundamental marriage right.

“How can my wife refuse me making love to her, it is an abomination where I come from. She does not have the right to do that.”

Manu confessed that he killed her with pistols after she provoked him several times.
“Times without number, I have been warning my wife to stop refusing me s#x which is one of the fundamentals of any marriage, each time I demanded s#x from she will treat me like a leper, which is unacceptable.

“On this fateful day, when I pressed for s#x further, she pushed me to the side and I lost my temper and killed her. She is always fond of giving excuses each time I want to make love to her”, the suspect said.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abubakar Muhammad confirmed the arrest, He said that the suspect was apprehended for murdering his wife and the case has been charged to Court

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