Apostle Suleman Advises Nigerians Not To Fight Over Politicians But Tow The Path Of Peace

Restoration Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman known for his eloquence and untamed boldness in addressing issues that affect humanity addressed the issues surrounding the 2019 presidential election and its outcome.

In his message on Sunday 3rd March, 2019 tagged “After the Order of Joseph” He said that “We Attach Too Much Value To Our Pain When we Do Not See The End Result”, he stressed that the election has come and passed but we see people killing themselves over the election.

He said that while the supporters are killing themselves and making permanent enemies the politicians would be discussing the chaos over dinner. He Stressed that it is foolishness to inherit the enemies of your boss.

He says “Stop fighting yourselves and do not die for politicians because they are friends”, he also advised corps members who participate in electoral processes to be safety conscious while demonstrating their patriotism in the cause of election.

He stresses that the most important need in Nigeria now is peace.
He concluded by saying that Nigeria is bigger than anyone…

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