Charly Boy confesses to receiving over N100m from Buhari campaign

Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy, has publicly stated that he received at least N100 million from the Buhari campaign as payment for a politically-charged music video he recorded, driving yet another wedge between himself and other members of ‘OurMumuDonDo’ who have recently excoriated him for betrayal.
The 67-year-old said Mr Festus Keyamo, a spokesperson for the Buhari campaign, met him privately weeks before the presidential elections, and both discussed license over a music video which Charly Boy had recorded to castigate Mr Atiku Abubakar as an unscrupulous politician who should not be trusted with power.
The entertainer, whose real name is Mr Charles Oputa, also rehashed Abubakar’s alleged crimes in the United States in the video uploaded on YouTube January 25.
The politician has long maintained he was not wanted in the U.S., and his supporters touted his first visit to America in 12 years in January as the strongest repudiation to the allegations.
Charly Boy said Keyamo, a senior lawyer, actually visited him to discuss the arrest of Mr Deji Adeyanju, a senior member of ‘OurMumuDonDo’ who was spending weeks in a Kano prison for alleged murder, only to then hear a “new song that I was working on…where I was dissing Atiku,” Charly Boy said.
“I do not care. But if you want to use my work, you pay for it,” Charly Boy recalled telling Mr Keyamo. “Of course, he paid for it. And they paid heavy.”
The statement was extracted from a video of Charly Boy’s interview with online-based Roots TV, widely shared on social media on Friday.
Charly Boy’s comments struck members of the community organising movement as insensitive and provocative, and they have moved swiftly to ease him out as chairman of the group.
The video surfaced barely a day after an audio leaked online in which Charly Boy was heard seemingly admitting to have received money from Keyamo. The audio was recorded by Adeyanju, but the activist said he did not leak it, even though he had shared with a few persons over the past week.
Mr Adeyanju renounced membership of ‘OurMumuDonDo’ on March 13, alleging gross misconduct, including a breach of trust, against Charly Boy.
Adeyanju was particularly incensed by Charly Boy’s affair with the Buhari campaign because he believed the administration was behind his ongoing trial for a murder case that had been dispensed 10 years ago.
The police arrested Adeyanju on December 13, locking him in Kano Central Prison on a controversial magisterial order. He was freed on bail on March 1, after the presidential election had been concluded. The activist strongly believed the police kept him in jail over fears his activism could cost President Muhammadu Buhari at the ballot box.
Initial response to both Adeyanju’s public denunciation of a movement with which he had been prominently identified in recent years and the leaked audio was for the warring parties to immediately reconcile for the sake of their civic group.
As of the time the audio leaked online Wednesday night, the specific amount Charly Boy allegedly received from Mr Keyamo was left to speculation.
But with Charly Boy himself now admitting that the amount was in ‘nine figures’, sources within ‘OurMumuDonDo’ said they expected the controversy to worsen.
Already, Mr Adebayo Raphael, a key official and facilitator of ‘OurMumuDonDo’, said in a statement Friday night that Charly Boy has been asked to proceed on suspension pending investigation of the controversies.


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