Oyo Gov Makinde Says State Cant Pay Minimum Wage + Abolishes Compulsory Secondary Tuition Fees

Governor Seyi Makinde, after being sworn-in on Wednesday May 29th said the state cannot bear the burden of paying the new N30,000 minimum wage at the moment.

While giving his inaugural speech at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Governor Makinde noted that with the current financial status of the state, it would be a heavy burden for the state to pay the minimum wage,he however promised to set up a committee that would put all machinery in motion to see how the issue would be resolved amicably, adding that with time the state could afford to pay above the national minimum wage.

The governor, who said about 400,000 students have dropped out of school due to the inability of their parents to afford their education expenses, directed that the compulsory tuition fees of N3,000 imposed on each student in public secondary schools by the former governor, be abolished with immediate effect.from Vanguard

The Gov has also appointed Chief Oyebisi Ilaka as his Chief of Staff.

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