Reality Star Alex Reveals Reveals She And CeeC Dont Talk And Explains Why.

Alex: ”The day the show ended, I was trying to enter my room and stayed in my room because the key in his room was not working and Miracle’s room wasn’t available. Our room was close.

Tobi was in my room, we were just laughing, and gisting.
Then Ceec came and said, “Tobi can I talk to you?. Tobi said NO. Ceec pressed on and said, “Tobi can we talk, can we settle this?. Tobi said, ”Ceec the show is over, carry your Wahala and go. I know you are aggressive”. So he closed the door.

Alex: At the back of Ceec, I said Tobi, this is wrong. Then Ceec opened the door again and said, Alex can we talk? I said Yes. Because the heat there was too much for me, I followed her down to her room.

We sat down, She was trying to give me advice. As the big sister I thought she was. After we agreed not to fight. I asked her, how far she and Tobi. She said, Oh any how life presents itself that, that’s how she’s going to be. I said OK

The next thing we got on the plane, she was excited, excessively excited with Nina.

The next thing I heard was Nina saying ”Ceec, can you imagine that Tobi said I should not be talking to you because you are bad news.
Alex: I just don’t want to talk. They were loud. And Tobi told them to tone it down. Okay, out here it was always fan war. Her sisters were talking about how they are going to pour wine on our dresses. I was seated with my sisters.

I went to Ceec room to talk. I knocked on the door and the person that came said, I’m sorry Ceec doesn’t want to talk to you. And she slammed the door on my face.

And I said if Ceec feels this way, her siblings are not going to treat me like this. I was offended.

On Nina’s birthday, I entered the limousine and I saw Ceec. I said Ceec how far. She didn’t answer me. I repeated my greetings, she didn’t answer me. Then Rico pinched me to stop. That’s when I stopped trying to talk. So right now we don’t talk.


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