Toke Makinwa And Ex Maje Ayida’s Lawyers Exchanged Words in Court..

Toke Makinwa’s Lawyer And her Ex husband Maje Ayida’s Lawyer Exchanged HOT Words in Court in the on-going N100 million defamation suit filed by Maje Ayida against his ex wife Toke Makinwa….

Note that the former couple are spending a fortune on the services of these two handsome SAN’s who are mentioned amongst Nigeria’s best when it comes to taking the centre stage in court and holding the audience spell bound with their methods of attacking or defending …….

According to the informant who was at the last court hearing Where Maje Ayida took the stand,Toke’s lawyer Olumide Fusika (SAN) Tried to paint Maje as someone with a questionable character who has a bad reputation But Maje’s Lawyer Kemi Pinheiro (SAN) didn’t let that happen and rose in strong defence…..

After Toke’s lawyer launched an attack ,Maje’s lawyer why Toke begged Maje to go on holiday with her to Zanzibar (if he was so bad) after he asked for Separation ….

Toke’s Lawyer said Toke is an advocate for women And Maje’s Lawyer countered,asking if Toke was advocating for bleaching creams Or giving young ladies wrong advice..
The former couple are back in court on March 29,2019 and it would be Toke’s turn to take the stand and be grilled by Maje’s Lawyer and defended by hers…..

The fantastic performance put up by both Lawyers according to SDK informant is something worth watching and the informant says these two SAN’s are a must have if you have any case that will take you to court.

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